85 suburban weight loss

Weight Loss Motivation: The 5 Week Weight Loss Challenge March 27, 2013 By Shannah 17 Comments A few weeks back, a friend of mine on Facebook sent out a message asking if we wanted to participate in a 5 week weight loss program.

Fire water for weight loss

Drinking water and even eating" watery" foods like melon, greens, and other fruits and vegetables has enormous health benefits, including warding off fatigue. But perhaps the most important belly benefit of proper hydration is how it helps maintain your body's proper fluid balance and guard against water retention.

Weight loss exercises for teens

Exercise One reason weight can be such a problem for everyone from teens to adults is all the sitting around were doing. Inactivity has a major effect on your waistline and your health. In fact, watching TV is the most common activity that can lead to weight gain (if you don't exercise or eat right) and is something teens usually do more and more as they get older.