Diane 35 pcos weight loss

Diane35 was originally designed as a treatment for acne, not PCOS, nor was it intended for longterm use. It is an antiandrogen, meaning that it suppresses production of male hormones. Since women with polycystic ovary syndrome typically have excess production of androgens, Diane35 is sometimes prescribed.

diane 35 pcos weight loss

Sep 04, 2012 Gynae prescribed Diane 35 to cure my PCOS and regularize my periods. Will it make me gain weight? Diane 35, PCOS and weight loss.

diane 35 pcos weight loss

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diane 35 pcos weight loss

Is spironolactone safe or pcos The best treatment for pcos is weight loss to obtain a I want to know if having spironolactone with Diane 35 will help will metformin help me though I'm i was put on diane 35 for 6 months. It made my I have heard that met can make some people lose weight but it's Sep 21, 2007 A community of aussie people supporting eachother in their weight loss goals Diane35 ladies then I was dignosed with PCOs and put on yasmin which Diane 35 Side Effects: Evidence pill with the antiandrogen cyproterone acetate used for the around the time of starting Diane 35 but others observe a weight loss.

diane 35 pcos weight loss

May 28, 2014 Five months ago I went to my doctor after not being able to deal with feeling like a gorilla turned human and got the pill Diane35. Even after reading through the numerous and serious side effects I had decided that taking this pill (assuming it dealt with the excess hair growth) would be well worth it for me.

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